Brand Valuation

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Effective brand metrics help maximise brand value through value-based strategic planning, insightful performance tracking, and articulation of the return on marketing investment.

Brand Valuation provides a value lens to guide strategy and manage performance.

Brands drive earnings through influencing stakeholder behaviour. Strong brands:.

  • generate volume and price premiums;
  • create new earnings streams through brand extensions;
  • reduce risk through customer loyalty; and
  • increase productivity by attracting and engaging staff.

In many companies, marketing is the primary revenue driver and brands a core asset, yet marketers are unable to articulate brand value and return on marketing investment. The absence of a comprehensive set of value-based measures compromises the development of brand strategy and management of reputational risk. This is a concern of boards as well as brand managers.

Insightful brand valuation not only provides an understanding of the current value of the asset, but also provides a better line-of-sight between company actions, stakeholder perceptions and actions, market performance and earnings.

Glasshouse Advisory’s brand valuation services help clients maximise business value by allocating marketing resources to activities that have the greatest impact. We help you evaluate strategic options, track brand performance and quantify the return on brand investment.

A well-constructed brand valuation yields a range of metrics, and when these are viewed together, they provide a wealth of information into the opportunities and threats in different market segments. Assessing the economic metrics by market segment identifies risks and opportunities. Glasshouse Advisory’s Brand Evaluations team integrates best practice in valuation, brand equity measurement and market assessment.

The focus of the Brand Valuation services is on brand management and commercial decision making, examples of which are shown below.

If your interest is on the use of brand valuation for financial reporting, tax compliance or litigation please refer to our Valuations services.


Strategy Selection

Scenario valuations allow marketers to quantify the impact of alternative strategies on market performance and value. This strips subjectivity out of decision making. At the outset it is often unclear which strategy will yield the best result. However, once market trends, consumer research and financial information have been integrated into a valuation model the choice becomes clear.

Brand architecture

Brand portfolios can become swollen from mergers and acquisitions, and organic launches of new brands, ingredient brands and brand extensions. Subjective views on brand architecture are often strongly held and polarising. Our economic models gauge the immediate and long term impact of alternative architectures on consumer behaviour and the aggregate value of brand portfolios.

Setting and allocating marketing budgets

It is hard to know how much to invest in a brand without understanding its current worth, and how value will be added, or eroded, by alternative actions. Our economic analysis gauges brand equity and value under different investment scenarios. We help you maximise the return on marketing investment by setting appropriate budgets and allocating it to activities that have the greatest impact.

Performance tracking

Value-based brand dashboards provide a coherent framework for tracking brand performance between markets, across a brand portfolio and over time. Our dashboard covers the value chain between company actions, consumer attitudes, market performance and value creation. This guides brand strategy and marketing communications, while tracking performance relative to competitors.

Reputation risk management

It can take a public relations disaster to make firms appreciate the vulnerability of their share price to reputational damage. We develop economic models to identify events that cause reputational risk, and gauge the resulting value at risk. Value-based risk management frameworks incorporate early warning signals and identify responses that are aligned with the value at risk.

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