Collaborative Funding

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New funding opportunities are emerging to encourage collaboration as a key driver of innovation.

Governments at the State and Federal level are encouraging universities and research entities to align their research efforts with business. To expand their interests from an academic nature to one which provides direct commercial outcomes in the economy.

In doing so there is an increasing number of funding programs that, as an eligibility requirement, impose the need for applicants to apply as part of a research consortium- where members are research organisations, SME’s, large multinationals.

Glasshouse Advisory can help you navigate this emerging and important approach to innovation and assist in meeting the eligibility requirement to access funding.

Examples of such programs include:

  • ARC Linkage programme
  • Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) Project Fund Programme
  • Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF)
  • NSW TechVouchers
  • Next Generation Technologies Fund – Grand Challenges Program (GC)
  • SA Premier's Research and Industry Fund (PRIF) – Innovation Voucher Program
  • Advance Queensland – Innovation Partnerships

At Glasshouse, we take a holistic approach in supporting collaboration and securing funding for our clients.

Our services include:

  • assisting in the identification of collaborative partners using our broad range of industry and research contacts; and
  • advising on the availability and eligibility for a wide range of grants that support innovative collaboration activities; and preparing collaborative grant applications.

We also help in managing and maximising the benefit of these opportunities by assessing how these collaborative grants combine with the R&D Tax Incentive, how to offset the cost of IP protection through collaborative grants, and by providing accurate estimates of grant funding to support cash flow projections.


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