Government Grants

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Understanding the best way to fund your innovative activities is critical when growing your business or seeking investment.

The Federal and State governments incentivise innovation with co-funded grant programmes. New programmes become available every week.

Glasshouse Advisory is a specialist in identifying and accessing the funds in this landscape.

Glasshouse services in this area include:

  • Advising on availability and eligibility for a wide range of government grants that support innovative activities;
  • How grants combine with the R&D Tax Incentive and EMDG program;
  • Preparing grant applications;
  • Providing accurate estimates of grant funding to support cash flow projections; and 
  • Advising how to offset the cost of IP protection through grants.

Federal and state funding programmes are available to help businesses grow and attract investment.

It is important to understand when programmes come online and the preparation required to put your business in the best position to maximise the amount of money you can access.


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