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Competitor Mapping: Improving your patent position Thursday 26 Sep 2019

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Sophisticated patent owners fully understand the importance of building and maintaining a portfolio of patents that helps reinforce their commercial position. Yet in a competitive market, their competitors will very likely be doing the same, which raises the question – who is winning? And perhaps the more important question – how can you as a patent owner improve your competitive position?

The traditional answer is to count the patents filed by the leading companies, but this simplistic answer ignores the reality that some patents carry more weight than others. What is needed is a more comprehensive approach that considers the likely impact of individual patents on the technology space.

These comprehensive assessments are now available through AI-based methods which can be used to identify the similarity and relevance of patents in a commercial area of technology. Our clients (including global and Australian multinationals) have used these methods to rank individual patents and patent owners. This was then used to improve their competitive position through the fine-tuning of patent strategies and filings.

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Mike Lloyd, Senior IP Analyst


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