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Export Market Development Grants are still available Friday 1 Dec 2017

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The EMDG program has now closed for those self-lodging applications. If you are concerned that you may have missed the deadline, don’t be! If you utilise the services of an approved EMDG consultant such as Glasshouse Advisory, you have until 28 February 2018 to lodge your EMDG application.

What is an approved EMDG consultant?

Approved EMDG consultants are EMDG experts who are part of Austrade’s quality incentive program. An Austrade approved EMDG consultant must achieve and maintain a high quality of EMDG applications, by ensuring that the percentage of expenses disallowed for all lodged applications is 5% or less.

Why should I use an EMDG Consultant?

In the three month period, 1 December to 28 February, the only EMDG applications that Austrade will accept are those prepared and submitted by approved EMDG consultants.

Approved EMDG consultants are required to lodge high quality applications that have little to no adjustments made upon audit. Given this high standard, not only can you expect an EMDG application lodged, by an approved EMDG consultant, to have little or no adjustment due to an Austrade audit, Austrade’s data indicates that applications prepared by Approved EMDG consultants achieve an average claim value of approximately $5,000 more than those prepared and submitted by self-lodgers.

As an approved EMDG consultant, Glasshouse Advisory will also assist you throughout the audit process which is included in the cost of preparing your EMDG claim. Austrade audits all first year applicants, and this can be a stressful process where your grant funding is on the line. By utilising the services of experts, such as Glasshouse Advisory, you can be confident that any audit queries are being dealt with by technical experts in order to achieve the maximum possible grant refund.

Ok, I’m convinced, what do I do now?

The first step in preparing an EMDG application is to arrange a meeting or a phone call to discuss your eligibility for the EMDG program. We will also discuss what costs your business has incurred which could be claimable through the grant program. Once we’ve established eligibility, we send through an information request, which we use to prepare and lodge your grant application. The process from information request to lodgement usually takes two to four weeks, but can extend during busy times.

With the program closing soon, please contact us now if you would like to discuss how we can assist you with your export grant.


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