Paul Hamilton-Brown Senior IP Analyst

"The interplay between broad technical experience and knowledge, combined with deep expertise in the analytics of intellectual property data is the value add for our clients."
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Paul is one of our IP Analytics “Searching and Watching” experts.

He develops analyses of existing IP landscapes and delivers customised, regular monitoring of your competitors. This intelligence updates your knowledge of opportunities and risks in your IP environment, and informs your strategic IP and commercialisation decisions.

Paul has over 10 years of commercially-relevant research experience across multiple disciplines, and over 5 years' experience as an IP analyst.

He is skilled at working with clients to determine what information will be most useful, creating relevant search strategies and delivering commercial knowledge.


  • Masters of IP Law (currently), University of Melbourne
  • PhD in Biomaterials Chemistry / Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales
  • Masters of Science in Physics / Materials Science, Curtin University


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