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Addiction With The Gambling Is Related With Other Problems Too

Just have a simple consideration on the effects and relations of gambling addiction with some other problems too.  These problems are not only directly related with the individual concerned but entire society is facing the curse of gambling.  Various ways are there to establish this fact but medical, psychological, financial, social and educational fronts are the most effective front in human life.  All theses fronts are destroyed if somebody involved in gambling in a shape of addiction.  The gambling also creates a lot of social disorders and explosions.


According to the medical authorities, if a person is addicted with gambling, his entire thinking can be changed.  The concerned person can get the disorders in his personality or a part there of.  The normal level of anxiety in the persons is obvious but the same should not be converted into disorder.  Mood of the person is depending on the nature of work.  It is normally seen that the nature of person changed according to the work he is doing.  It is self-explanatory that the building of character is depending on the work being discharged for bigger portion of the day.  If a person is involved in gambling, naturally he will think, talk and imagine new tricks of the job and ultimately will also make those ideas into practice.  This is the threshold of social disorders.  The individual concerned gets his personality disturbed.  Arrogance, irritating behavior, rough language, ill manners and ill thinking grab him.

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Just think that if a person is gripped in the above mentioned behavioral weaknesses, how he will react.  All his actions will hamper the smooth functioning of his family and ultimately of the society too.  The gambling is also responsible for making various crime rates higher.   Such person tries to steal money from the family.  He doesn’t think the basic needs of the family, responsibilities of kids and parents but always need money to satisfy his gambling requirement.  The cases have been seen where a person has sold out his kids and wife too.  After selling all the property in gambling addiction, the concerned individual doesn’t see any other way to get money and finally he chose the dangerous way. The person, who is gripped in gambling, feels that all the ways are closed and he is not getting the relief from increasing debt and pressure.  He selects the way of suicide.